Website Design

Build Your Own Website? 

Sure you can right after a day behind the chair, ordering products & supplies, updating your social media and paying bills. Our 1st salon website cost us about $7000 back in 2012. It was a beautiful site and clients complimented us. The problem is the WORLD changed and our website was still the same. Did our loyal clients leave us because our website was not updated? NOT LIKELY. Did we lose out on hundreds of NEW customers because our website was not updated and most important, mobile friendly? ABSOLUTELY! Feel free to check out our salon website HERE. Look at it on your phone to really see the difference.

If you are dead set on designing your own, call us and we can refer you to a couple user-friendly options we have resarched. If you DO NOT have hours to invest in creating your new website, let us save you thousands by poiting you to a cost affordable web designer. You should still expect to invest a dozen hours or more meeting with the designer to review and make design decisions and that does not even consider the time to develop the content (service descriptions, information about your business and product descriptions). 

Credible Website Management

Credible has partnered with a powerful technology which makes it simple for everyone to go online with a beautiful, professional and functional web presence. No creative limits, no coding – just complete freedom to express yourself and Credible will manage your entire business online updating hours, adding new staff, services or products.
We can also train and empower you or someone from your staff to make updates. It is truly a simple and friendly platform even for the the technology challenged. Contact us for a free analysis of your website and let us show you how a new website will increase NEW clients coming to your salon and improve your ranking on Google.