Social Media Management

Social Media Just Fun or Serious Business Tool?

Keeping up with each and every one of your social media accounts can be a serious hassle and time-consuming. It can easily give you a stress headache.  Social Media can be fun and simple way to connect with your clients but does it really bring you NEW clients. Facebook has made some significant changes to the exposure that posts from your Facebook business page will actually receive. Go back a year and look at some of your posts.  We bet you will notice far fewer "People Reached" by your Facebook posts. We have increased our Facebook "Likes" by almost 50% but the "People Reached" on our posts is much less than a year ago. Why is this? The simple answer, Facebook advertising. So does Facebook advertising work, we can share our stories and let you make your own decisions. 

Social Media Benefits your Google SEO

One things is certain. Social Media activity and presence will help your search rankings on Google. Google has incorporated more than just your website when determining serach ranking. Great news.....right! Maybe, if you have the time to keep up with Facebook, Yelp, Google+, Google Maps, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest. 

Social Media Software & Management

Thankfully, we live in a world and time where amazing software and apps are available to simplify your social media world! Now there are plenty of tools so we can update and monitor all of our accounts in one convenient location. The only downside is that some great tools have been disabled or acquired by some of the social media companies themselves and then shut down. 

But, there is still awesome software available to manage all of your social media accounts. If you still do not have time to manage it ALL,  let Credible be the voice of your business on social media an how we can help your business grow.