Salon Consulting

How are we different?

If you have done business with Credible Culture for long, you have probably noticed we are a little different. We do not have dozens of Distributor Sales Consultants which come by your business every week, drop off a handful of flyers and a specials catalog. We all know where those end up!  Credible Culture is a distributor owned by salon owners with a staff that consists of passionate and talented cosmetologists. 

Our approach to consulting services is similar. If you have been on Facebook recently, you have likely seen ads for salon marketing consultants and toolkits. We have bought a few hoping to find the "secret" to salon marketing. We are happy to give you the stack of dated materials we received. The WORLD is changing dramatically and to be a successful salon spa owner, you will need to change ad adapt with it. Every city and each salon within a city has unique dynamic, clientele, competition. At Credible, we believe any consulting advice or marketing plan must be unique to you salon. Besides that, we just do not believe in killing some poor trees to send you 150 pages of booklets that you probably just do not have time to read. At Credible, we have a deep personal commitment to keeping the independent salon thriving and profitable and to the principle of “pay it forward.”

The Credible Mission is to support the salon owner/independent stylist by providing business consulting services to specific areas of your business which together we agree will make the most significant impact with the overall goal of promoting growth and prosperity.

The Credible Goal is to improve the salon spa industry “one salon/stylist at a time” by sharing our experience, successes and failures so that our salon owner partners will be strong and successful for years to come.

The Credible Guarantee is to produce a strategic plan for the consulting services you feel will best benefit your business with goals that can be measured. If our plans and strategy do not result in meeting the goals, Credible will credit you our consulting fee for that service. 

Credible Consulting Services includes the following services:

  • Google SEO and Adwords
  • Website Design & Maintenance
  • Technology Services (Internet & Phone)