Retail Sales Training

How healthy are your retail sales?

If you were like us, we did not even know what our expectation should be for retail product sales our 1st year. It was not that we had bad products. Our stylists were experienced and professional. We would probably still carry the original line we launched in our salon if we had the retail sales training from our original distributor. We carried the product for 2 years were never even offered a product knowledge class from our Distribution Sales Consultant. By the way, we promise you will never meet anyone at Credible Culture with that title on a business card!

Not much in this world is free, but we offer our Retail Sales Training at no charge. Sure, we would love that you buy an opener for one of our product lines first. You do not even need to be one of our salon partners. We just feel it is that important for every salon owner. We have combined techniques and strategies taught to us by some of the most innovative hair care product companies we could find.  Implementing these techniques have helped our salons increase monthly retail sales by over 50% within 12 months. No high pressure sales pitch after the class, simply our way of establishing a relationship with salon owners and their teams. 

Feel free to contact us any time and we will be happy to tell you more about it.