MOD Clean Disinfecant Pods - Buy 9 Bags Get 3 Bags FREE (Save 25%)

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Mod Clean The Best Salon Disinfectant

Buy 9 Pouches (32 pods per pouch) Get 3 Pouches FREE (Save $53.85)

A years worth of disinfectant and it takes up the same space as 1 bottle of liquid disinfectant!

LESS Space, LESS Waste, LESS Money & a Pre-measured POD

MOD Clean is a pre-measured hospital grade powdered disinfectant pod that just makes sense for the beauty industry. Times have changed; why use traditional liquid disinfectant in a MODern world? With MOD Clean, there's no need to guess the pour ratio or worry about messy spills. The pods are small, lightweight, and will save you storage space over those heavy, bulky bottles. To use MOD Clean, just open a bag, grab a pod, and toss it in your jar for perfectly measured disinfectant every time. Stop pouring your money down the drain and start using MOD Clean for No Mess, No Guess, Just Clean.

Why use MOD Clean?

  • Approved – Meets State Board Requirements for Salon/Barbershop Use
  • Safe – EPA Approved Hospital Grade Disinfectant
  • Clean – Avoid Messy Liquid Disinfectant Spills
  • Accurate – Mixes Perfectly Every Time and Eliminates Over/Under Pours
  • Space Saving – Takes Up A Fraction of the Space of Liquid Disinfectant Bottles
  • Lightweight – One Twelfth the Weight of Liquid Disinfectant
  • Environmentally Friendly – Recyclable Packaging Offers a Smaller Environmental Footprint
  • Duration – Lasts Just as Long as Liquid Disinfectant