Google SEO & Adwords

What is SEO anyway?

Wikipedia defines Search engine optimization (SEO) as "the process of affecting the visibility of a website or a web page in a search engine's unpaid results—often referred to as 'natural', 'organic', or 'earned' results."

Google SEO and Adwords consultants run from individuals that charge $1,000 or more per month and most want a contract for 6-12 months to companies which call you constantly offering SEO services on the cheap for $1-200 per month. These telemarketing salesepople have quotas and can be very difficult to contact them once they get your credit card number. They will state they are calling from Google to "fix" your listings across the Internet. 

Credible SEO Services

This is where things can get a bit technical. We will do our best to avoid the "geek" talk and provide you a FREE analysis of your current SEO metrics. Credible will come to your business or set up a web meeting to provide you with the Google tools (called Google Analyatics and Webmaster Tools) to start monitoring your website.  After all, a business owner needs to understand where you are in the journey before determining if you have adjustments to make to your website or social media platforms. If after our initial call, you decide to go down the road to SEO on your own that is completely fine by us. We just want our salon partners to have a little better understanding of how important SEO is to your success. Should you decide to untilize our SEO services, we will help you get found faster by increasing your new website’s organic rankings on major search engines. Most importantly, Credible will track and measure these results and stand by the Credible Guarantee if we are not success meeting the goals we have set together with you. 

Contact us for your free SEO evaluation for your business. 

Google Adwords


Google Adwords can be a very successul method of advertising. It can be very precise in the individuals targeted by ads for services those individuals are already interested to a point they have sought more information on Google. Our Adwords staff have been doing Google Adwords campaigns since 2005.  That is pretty long considering Google lauched it in 2003. Even with that experience our initial Adword campaigns for our salon business had pretty limited success. Why? You need to understand Google Adwords AND your desired new client and point your ads to a web page with information that specifically speaks to the service they are searching. 

We could write pages about Google Adwords stating what has been successful and what has been a waste of time and money. If Yelp and Facebook advertising have not generated the results you desire, Google Adwords may be a great alternative. 

Contact us and let's have a chat to see if an Adwords campaign can work for your business.