Credit Card Processing

The Selection Process

Selecting the best credit card processing methond and provider can be a stressful process needless to say the numerous sales calls you will receive for months or even years after you inquire with potenial providers about rates and services. Let Credible Culture relieave you of the burden by providing a FREE analysis comparing your current provider to at least 3 other credit card processing providers. Most salon owners realize $100s or even $1000s in saving annually. Somethimes it is as simple as negotiating better rates with your current provider, but knowing the market in crucial to be sure you are getting fair rates from a reliable provider. You make the final decision and all the paperwork goes through you, Credible just says you the headache of making dozens of phone calls and hours evaluating rates which can be challenging to compare apples to apples. Email us for a FREE evaluation!

Simply Better Solutions
Processing providers need to provide fast, reliable, and secure payment processing. Whether you operate a 15-chair salon or work independent out of a salon suite, credit card processing fees in likely one of your largest expenses behind rent and products, Using the right integrated payment service can streamline your operations. Plus, many providers offer next day funding options to get your money faster.

So Much More Value
A quality credit card processing provider should be much more than a processor of payment transactions. Some providers offer value added services which can grow your business, generate new revenue, increase exposure of your brand and boost customer loyalty.  A best in breed provider should integrate seamlessly with your salon software or POS equipment and gives merchants peace of mind knowing that in depth customer support is always available, 24/7.

Gift Cards

Offering gift cards can be easy with the right provider. Most of our provider partners offer a variety of affordable gift cards and merchandising materials to fit any budget.

Whether you simply need attractive gift cards with your business logo for a single location, or custom designed cards for a franchise, Credible will connect you with the perfect service to help grow your business.