Pink Pewter Accessories

Let us glam you! As the leader in in hair accessories, Pink Pewter has made a strong name in the beauty community through the top influencers in the industry to the everyday Pink Pewter-wearer. Worn by celebrities and the larger-than-life personalities, our hair accessories and jewelry created a new category in the beauty community that allowed our fans to create endless options with our pieces. 

Our premier makeup line elevates our offerings to our customers. We are more excited than ever to bring our brand to the next level with our makeup line. The high quality of our products that we’ve been known to create for years, now translates into our luxurious line of makeup. As diverse as our hair accessories are, so too is our makeup line. From contour, eyeshadow, lips, highlight, brows, lashes and more, we have you covered! We wanted to create a line that is as dependable as our brand name in the industry and that is just what we did.