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A Different Kind of Distributor

Credible Culture was founded in late 2012 and began distributing Reverie by Garrett Markenson in early 2013. The original founders had a passion and depth of knowledge for MILK but also educated the salon owner and stylists with retail sales techniques and a unique approach to the industry. Danielle met the original founders of Credible Culture on their first visit to Austin in 2013 sharing MILK with the Austin salon community. Danielle immediately carried MILK in her salon, Wild Orchid. Years later MILK by Reverie is still the top selling product at the salon and has the highest re-purchase rate of any product. The idea to start a boutique hair care distribution company in Texas was actually planted by another Austin salon owner while sitting around a fire pit one evening drinking wine at an Oribe owner’s retreat in California. When Danielle made the decision to launch a boutique hair care distributor, it seemed only logical to connect with the distributor she felt best embodied the premise for what she believed a hair care distributor should aspire and the most successful product in her salon. Late in 2015, Danielle with a little help from her husband acquired the rights to the distribution agreement between Credible Culture and Garrett Markenson Reverie. Credible Culture will always strive to provide passionate knowledge of the product lines it distributes and an informative resource to its salon, spa, barber and retail partners. 

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Let's be honest.....the hair care industry can be tough!

Our industry can present challenges. Trust us when we say we can relate. As Wild Orchid has grown from a little 3 chair salon in downtown Austin to an award-winning salon with 3 locations and over 25 stylists, we have made mistakes, learned a great deal and realize the industry will continue to change. Our hope is to share lessons from our mistakes and a maybe a little wisdom from our successes. Every member of the Credible team has experience as a salon owner, salon director, distribution sales or as a stylist/barber. We think it is critical for everyone at Credible to have knowledge and experience in the industry to assist you in your success. 

A little more about us if you are interested......It all started in hair hair salon. Really!

A couple years before Wild Orchid Salon came to be, Danielle and Jared actually met in an upscale Austin hair salon. After completing cosmetology school and receiving her license in 2007, Danielle started her career in hair at Jose Luis Salon. Jared worked in the same building and started getting his haircut at Jose Luis but it was several months before they would finally date. The story of events that led up to Danielle finally asking Jared out is quite entertaining so if you ever find yourself in her chair ask her about it! Danielle and Jared will always be grateful to Jose & Bill for hiring Danielle, having a beautiful salon in which the two would meet and supporting Jared's scheme for a surprise proposal in Zihuantanejo! Danielle and Jared now have two beautiful children, Ella and Leo, a dog named Rocket and two growing businesses with a talented team of stylists, coordinators, management and educators. 

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